[Twisted-Python] LDAP binds appears to succeed with no password

Alan Franzoni mailing at franzoni.eu
Fri Jul 30 07:55:42 EDT 2010

On 7/30/10 12:54 PM, Peter Westlake wrote:
> I'm using LDAP to authenticate users, and when I give it an empty
> password, it appears to succeed! Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
> I've added comments by the log messages that appear in the output.

Please post the full code, including how you're using such class. Also:

- log the entry you've found and that you're using to re-bind. It might
not be what you're expecting.
- try the very same query using something like ldapsearch or Apache LDAP
Studio, and see whether the result differs.

Alan Franzoni
contact me at public@[mysurname].eu

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