[Twisted-Python] What is the minimum effort solution to make inetd-managed twisted-based application?

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Wed Jul 28 07:14:22 EDT 2010

After all, I'm posting my angry code.
The first file is a module with some classes, that can be used
to accomplish my task.
The second file is a UNIX program, it uses socketpair() and then fork()
to start both client and server, they talk each other via PB protocol.
Running that produces some noise to the screen and then they exit.

That was my minimal effort...
That is really a partial solution to the problem, but:
 a. it already works for me,
 b. I'm not sure it will work for other protocols,
 c. I found it too complex and involving a lot of other code to make it in a proper way
so, sorry, I haven't worked toward a real contribution to a twisted code.

Perhaps anyone may suggest another "proper" solution, more elegant?
I'm interested in having this kind of functionality supported by twisted.

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