[Twisted-Python] 10.1 release follow-up

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jul 5 23:08:57 EDT 2010

On Jul 4, 2010, at 12:13 PM, Jonathan Lange wrote:

> As you've seen, the Twisted 10.1.0 release is out there.


> I've started this thread for any discussions about the way the release
> was done and for the next release.

I am generally very pleased with the way it went.  It appears to have been the smoothest release thus far.

> Glyph Lefkowitz has kindly offered to be the RM for the 10.2 release,
> which is scheduled for September 15, 2010.

Oh boy.  I'm really in for it now.

> Note that the Ubuntu feature freeze is August 12th, so we can expect
> 10.1 to be the release that goes into Ubuntu 10.10.

I would *like* to accelerate the schedule for this release if we can get certain important features in which missed the last release (documentation for endpoints, documentation for cancellation, endpoint string parsing, endpoint plugins, and some SSL issues that Jean-Paul and I discovered while working on these).  It would be nice to establish the precedent that important features cause releases to happen *faster*, rather than causing them to be delayed.  

But I certainly don't want to make any promises about getting it done by a particular advance date.  I thought that you handled the delays and setbacks in this release fairly well - I can't see myself doing it substantially better - and so trying to accelerate the schedule may just result in the release actually occurring on time.

> There were four open tickets on the 10.1 milestone. I have moved them
> off the milestone and closed them. When they are fixed, I'll be happy
> to consider re-opening the milestone and rolling out a 10.1.1.
> As part of this release, there have been many improvements to the
> release process document, see
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/ReleaseProcess. I would greatly
> appreciate it if the document could be reviewed for clarity and
> correctness.

I will obviously be doing this in more detail as I move forward with the next release, but the recent edits are a big improvement to the clarity and completeness of the document.  Thank you for all your efforts here; as your successor and therefore the primary beneficiary of those efforts, I _much_ appreciate them.  I will try to continue the same trend with my own release work.

> The biggest blockers to a swift release, from my perspective, were the
> following:
>  * myself having work travel and then vacation around the scheduled
> time of the release
>  * delaying to wait for feedback on the release candidate

This seems to me like a necessary delay.  I wish that we could motivate the readers of this mailing list to be a bit more responsive, but I don't see how we could have been much louder about it :).

>  * waiting for the review for the release ticket
>  * waiting for someone else to solve the buildbot issues for Windows

It looks like those issues were a one-time thing, at least.

> I've filed a ticket for moving the release document into version
> control, http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/4543. I'm happy to do
> so, but I'd like at least a rubber-stamp from someone before I do the
> work.

I left some comments there.

Thanks again for all your hard work, JML.


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