[Twisted-Python] Twisted newb I can't add a cred checker to a Factory class

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Jan 27 07:51:42 EST 2010

On 26 Jan, 09:40 pm, theiklabs at gmail.com wrote:
>class ProxyIncomingProtocol(Protocol):
>class ProxyOutgoingProtocol(Protocol):
>class ProxyFactory(Factory):
>    protocol = ProxyIncomingProtocol
>class SimplePerspective(pb.Avatar):
>    def perspective_echo(self, text):
>        print 'echoing',text
>        return text
>    def logout(self):
>        print self, "logged out"
>class SimpleRealm:
>    implements(IRealm)
>    def requestAvatar(self, avatarId, mind, *interfaces):
>        if pb.IPerspective in interfaces:
>            avatar = SimplePerspective()
>            return pb.IPerspective, avatar, avatar.logout
>        else:
>            raise NotImplementedError("no interface")
>portal = Portal(SimpleRealm())
>checker = InMemoryUsernamePasswordDatabaseDontUse()
>checker.addUser("guest", "password")
>proxy_factory = proxy.ProxyFactory()
># ??????? how can I add the portal to the factory?
>internet.GenericServer(cometsession.Port, factory=proxy_factory,
>resource=root_resource, childName="tcp",

It doesn't make any sense to ask how to "add a portal to a factory". 
Your protocol implementation needs to support twisted.cred.  In the code 
you included, I don't see any evidence of such support.

Also, with the unexplained mix of two "proxying" protocols (with their 
implementations omitted), various classes from Twisted Spread (but not 
enough to actually establish a PB connection as far as I can tell), and 
something called "cometsession", it's hard to tell what you're actually 
trying to accomplish, so I don't have any more specific suggestions to 


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