[Twisted-Python] Signalling twistd with SIGUSR1 to rotate also interrupts txAMQP connections

Anthony anthony-twisted at hogan.id.au
Wed Jan 13 15:00:08 EST 2010

We run some services that use txAMQP within twistd to connect to an AMQP

When we send twistd a SIGUSR1 to rotate its logs, it appears our application
loses connection to the AMQP bus and needs to reconnect. This doesn't crash
the app, but means the app may be offline momentarily when it should be
available to process data.

Is it possible that twistd is processing the SIGUSR1 and then passing it
onto our app and txAMQP?

We want to be able to force a log rotate without the entire app, or the
connections it has open, resetting.
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