[Twisted-Python] Assistance with using Twisted with "pyinstaller"

Ken MacDonald drken567 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 12:49:21 EST 2010

Thanks, I'll keep cx/bb-Freeze in mind if pyinstaller doesn't work out. I
did get some tips from one of our internal guys;  they had built a project
successfully with Twisted & pyinstaller some time back. I'm trying to figure
out the details of what went on there. Seems that they made an <appname>.py
which imported Twisted's UnixApplicationRunner() which then imported what
had been the .tac file (renamed to <appname>tac.py) to launch the server.
Still working out the details, imports, etc., but appears that <appname>.py
took over much of the functionality that twistd was providing and made it
into more of a straightforward python app. We'll see how this goes.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 5:03 AM, Paul Thomas
<spongelavapaul at googlemail.com>wrote:

> On 5 Jan 2010, at 20:48, Ken MacDonald wrote:
> > Hi, we're trying to using pyinstaller to create single-directory
> > distributions of our Twisted/python server on Linux. Wondering if
> > anyone has accomplished this? I googled and checked the archives,
> > but there seems to be no concrete information available.
> Sorry to be negative, but I've not managed to get pyinstaller working
> with twisted.
> The reason I'm posting is that I have managed to get bbfreeze and
> cx_freeze working. This is all about 6 months old, so newer versions
> might be different, but to summarise:
> cx_Freeze put everything into an executable zip file so you are left
> with one main binary and a handful of .so objects for python C modules
> (unless you patch the Python build to build static). I had to switch
> to bbfreeze because I needed to use Nevow and there were too many
> hoops to jump through to make it work with the data files accessed
> relative to __file__.
> bbfreeze works with eggs, so it works with Nevow or anything else that
> uses data files, but the down side is that the result isn't zipped up
> into one executable.
> I'm about to reopen the whole freezing thing for a new project, so I
> may be able to report back in a few weeks.
> >
> > I'm real new to pyinstaller and not really familiar with twisted
> > internals, so not sure where to start with this, particularly
> > whether to package our_server.tac, or the twistd script, or the
> > our_server.py as the starting point to bundle all of this stuff
> > together. If anyone's done this successfully, or failed miserably,
> > would be interested in getting details.
> I dropped the tac file to make it easier to specify the entrypoint. To
> do this while still getting all the twistd goodness requires some
> hacking, but it isn't really necessary. You can use the tac file
> (better to change the extension to .py though) and put a few imports
> in the file that are only there to pull in dependencies that the
> freezing program can't find. It's basically an iterative thing - build
> it, note the missing dependencies, import them, repeat.
> Good luck.
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