[Twisted-Python] double slash '//' problem in url - authentication with guard.HTTPAuthSessionWrapper

Ravikant Patil ravikant.4784 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 06:45:46 EST 2010


I am trying to understand how basic authentication can be used with
twisted.web. twistedmatrix provides an example on the same which is
reproduced at

>> *http://pastebin.com/hE5TFpZT
when I use this example code to login, it works fine but returns with double
slash '//' in url before index file or rather for any file accessed. like:

>> http://localhost:8889//index.html

it will work for all files with double slash

>> http://localhost:8889//vision.html

but will return index page for any request with single slash

>> http://localhost:8889/anything.html/ will always return index page.

Please help me figuring out what is the problem and what can be possible fix
to it.

Thank you.


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