[Twisted-Python] multiprocessing capability?

Johann Borck johann.borck at densedata.com
Thu Feb 25 22:06:03 EST 2010

Darren Govoni wrote:
> What you refer to is different than what I need. The real 'Process' 
> implementation is new to Python 2.6
> http://docs.python.org/library/multiprocessing.html
> and is not supported in Twisted at the moment. The Process or threads 
> in Twisted now, use Python threading/process constructs outside of the 
> new multiprocessing module, will suffer from the Python GIL 
> limitations - which hinders higher performance computing.
Hi Darren,
Sometimes "that's wrong" is good news: Python Processes spawned using 
the twisted API twisted don't suffer any more from GIL limitations than 
any other Python Process. That's only true for threads. You seem to 
think the multiprocessing module does something that wasn't possible in 
Python before, but that's not the case, the twisted version just has a 
different API, but does essentially the same thing.


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