[Twisted-Python] Reactor events help request ..

Watson, David David.Watson at windriver.com
Tue Feb 23 20:15:55 EST 2010

Hi Folks ..
I'm not entirely a newbie a python and twisted, but I have come to the
point where I need a bit more expertise on this topic, so I am hoping
that I have come to the right place .. 
What  I'm hoping, that  you folks can help out with a minor problem that
I am having with the twistd reactor class and/or the callLater function
I have been using a reactor.callLater function to schedule an event that
happens in the reactor to send out a heartbeat type message at regular
intervals .. This works great !
However, it appears to me that the self.sendLine(msg)  and or the
self.transport.write(msg) writing  functions are blocked functions
waiting for a reactor event to occur at a future scheduled time before
acutally flushing out the internal write buffers ..  
I am currently using the twistd protocol factory to create a custom
protocol to communicate between a server and client,  which up until now
has not been a real concern, but I am trying to improve the preformance
and turn around time between the client and server and this blocking
operation is a major source of  unneeded delay .. 
My problem is that I have scheduled heartbeat events that I want to send
to the server .. as well as  the  non scheduled events that I want to go
to the server imediately .. 
I have been scouring the various python/twistd  document sites, but to
no avial,  on all of the sites that I have seen, the method used have
all done the same thing ,  by re-scheduling something into the future
with a reactor.callLater () function, which causes a delayed write to
occur .. not a problem for something that is 1 or 2 second s in the
furture, but it is a serious problem when the next event is 120 seconds
away .. 
I have tried using a self.transport.write(msg) function, but the actual
communication still seems to be buffered and stuck waiting for the
scheduled reactor event .. 
What I think I need is something similar to  self.transport.flush()
which would flush out the write buffers on demand, but does not seen to
exist ..
I am hoping that someone has faced the same/similar stituation and give
me some guidance and/or to point me in the correct direction .. 
Thanks for any help you can offer ..
Dave Watson
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