[Twisted-Python] Help Twisted at PyCon (or anywhere else)

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Tue Feb 16 20:08:54 EST 2010

Hello Twisted users,

Does Twisted help you with your job, hobby or homework? Here's how you
can help Twisted in return, especially if you're coming to PyCon:

* Talk to us!
We want to hear what features you want, what problems you are having.
But especially, we want to hear about the cool stuff you build with
Twisted, because that makes us happy (and even happier to work on
Twisted and help you.)

* Develop Twisted!
Whether it's writing documentation or fixing bugs, we always appreciate
help from new developers. Some of us will be hacking at PyCon (aka
"talking a lot and occasionally coding"), so drop by and join us. After
PyCon some developers will be staying around for a sprint, which you are
welcome to join -- some topics people have expressed interest in:

        web client
        wsgi container
        generic sasl
        win32 stdio/console
        sphinx docs conversion
        PyWeek / "Twisted Game"
        deferred cancellation
        conch bug fixing
        toolchain improvements for casual contributors
* Get your company to donate!
Or at least, introduce us to your boss. Much of our development (coding
and bug reviews) is done by volunteers, but a large chunk is also paid
for by tax-deductible donations via our friends at the Software Freedom
Conservancy. Donating helps us fix bugs and add new features more

* Hire (some of) us!
Jean-Paul Calderone and possibly others would be happy to consult with
your organization.

* Buy us a beer on your per diem!
Or two. We also accept other beverages.

Many of us will be at PyCon -- and no doubt we'll have an open space
session -- so please do track us down. Thanks for using Twisted!

  --Itamar Turner-Trauring, on behalf of the Twisted development team

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