[Twisted-Python] fast high load protocol

Vlad Shevchenko vlad.shevchenko at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 14:46:48 EST 2010


I have developed two kind of servers:
   api - http server
   memory_db - dict-based server with some logic of putting data to dict and
getting it back.

Api communicate with memory_db via txJSON-RPC but response time is huge
under high load. I also try implementation with replacement txJSON-RPC ->
Perspective Broker with no success. PB implementation has 10+ times faster
responses when returning data is small (dict with few keys and values like
list of 1-5 strings). However, PM much depends on size of returning value.
When I return a list of 600 items (each is string with length 20) response
time incredibly growing up. Unlike PB, json-rpc implementation keeps it
response-time near the same lever as with small return data.

Can you suggest some protocol with a small response? Or should I look into
development of my own?

WBR, Vlad Shevchenko
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