[Twisted-Python] XMPP server implementations with twisted/words

Werner Thie wthie at thiengineering.ch
Mon Feb 15 19:47:31 EST 2010


Although I'mm using twisted/nevow now for more than three years it was 
only recently that I felt the need to look into the words section of 
twisted. After googling 'python xmpp server' I found two projects aiming 
at writing an xmpp server in python, namely pjabberd (non twisted) and 

Checking out their code via SVN shows an empty pretzel project and after 
some digging I was able to locate some code snippets, but not in an 
usable state. pjabberd checks out ok, also seems to run and is able and 
ready to accept handlers. I also found a very old post dating back to 
2005 where an effort to write a twisted XMPP server was mentioned.


Being new in the XMPP world I ask myself and now the group, how would 
you tackle the problem of a twisted based XMPP server. Is there really 
only the Java breed of servers like OpenFire, Tigase or Erlang/Lua based 
stuff like ejabberd/Prosody available or am I simply blind.

Thanks for enlightening me, Werner

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