[Twisted-Python] Sending jpeg data over TCP/IP

Maarten ter Huurne maarten at treewalker.org
Sat Feb 13 19:02:25 EST 2010

On Sunday 14 February 2010, gary clark wrote:

> I want to send raw binary data but also text in the message. I am
> currently sending ascii data to the twisted server via open-ssl. Its
> great and twisted is cool. However I want to send a name of document and
> then the raw data in the same message? Is this possible with twisted.
> Essentially I want to store the file in a location based upon its name.
> Is this even practical to do this? Not sure.

Unless you really cannot open a new TCP connection, the HTTP PUT command 
sounds like a good option for this. If you need more file management 
operations later, you could adopt the WebDAV extensions to HTTP:
> Say for instance
> <FILENAME>gazza.doc</FILENAME>
> <RAWDATA>0101110100101010010010110010101010101101010</RAWDATA>
> I dont know if the SAX parser which I am using could parse this data?

You could use base64 encoding: put all the data in a Python string and call 


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