[Twisted-Python] Light-est-weight http authentication

Brad Milne brad.milne at devx.runthered.com
Mon Feb 8 15:19:04 EST 2010

Just in terms of configuration. It seems that Guard, for example, is
designed to cache the credentials and maintain a session. My requirement is
just for a single request, so session maintenance seems like overhead.

Also in upskill time. The Twisted NPE book, for example, says "It might take
you a little while to understand all the classes and interfaces in
twisted.cred, and at first you might wonder why it's necessary to have a
system with so many moving parts. The answer is that this system is designed
to be extremely flexible." (pg 92)
That sounds like a great toolset, but the cost is to those that require the
minimalist solution, but still need to develop an understanding of the
greater picture to achieve that.

Finding Twisted documentation seems to be generally difficult, so if I can
find the 'lightest' (extra code) and 'lightest' (ramp-up time) solution,
that what I was hoping for a pointer towards.


PS - did you mean µs?? Or have you really measured the power consumption in

On 9 February 2010 08:32, <exarkun at twistedmatrix.com> wrote:

> On 07:23 pm, brad.milne at devx.runthered.com wrote:
>> I have a backend Twisted application with a front end in Django. Some of
>> their communication is via web services. Currently they are deployed on
>> the
>> same box but may be separated in future. I want to enforce some basic
>> authentication on the web services, so some lightweight http header
>> authentication looks best. I've found the twisted.web.guard api, but it
>> seems to be more heavyweight than I require (e.g. running up a Portal).
>> Given the breadth of the Twisted apis, I'm confident I wouldn't have to
>> hand-craft something to check the auth header myself. What do you guys
>> suggest?
> A portal takes about 28.9 µW to "run up" (given contemporary hardware).
> What makes you say this is "heavyweight"?
> Jean-Paul
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