[Twisted-Python] Using Twisted and GTK2

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Feb 4 10:44:03 EST 2010

On 03:02 pm, dripton at ripton.net wrote:
>On 2010.02.04 08:23:20 -0500, Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>>Though, as far as I know, PB is not transfered in clear text. That
>>means it's a little harder to debug the TCP streams, using a tool like
>>Wireshark. Am I wrong?
>The PB wire format is documented here:
>It's human-readable S-expressions.

Well, sort of...

Jelly is the first stage of processing, but the output is lists of 
simple Python objects, which you can't put into a socket.  So banana is 
the next stage of processing, which converts the output of jelly into 
bytes.  It's fair to say that banana is not human readable.

Just speaking from personal experience, I've never wanted to get 
wireshark (or similar tools) involved to debug a PB-using applications. 
As an application the developer, the problems encountered when using PB 
are things that are more easily debugged with pdb, unit tests, or 
inserting logging at a higher level (such as the PB message dispatch 
code).  Banana works.  Jelly works.  It's very uncommon for them to get 
in your way.


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