[Twisted-Python] [ANN] Ampoule 0.2.0 released

Valentino Volonghi dialtone at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 14:59:39 EST 2010

After a LOT of time I am finally, with Canonical Ltd. (Aaron Bentley) help, happy to release a new version of Ampoule.

The changelog is not terribly long, hopefully this means that the library kind of works well for most use cases :).

Have fun!

For those that don't know Ampoule (a lot):

ampoule is a process pool implementation written on top of Twisted Matrix. Its name comes from the use of AMP as the default communication protocol between the pool and all its children. It's different from other alternative solutions because it provides an API that is very close to the ThreadPool built into Twisted itself. It also provides the helper function deferToAMPProcess that is also conceptually similar to deferToThread.

Ampoule 0.2.0 (2010-02-02)
  - Fixed bug #317287: Twisted was required by setup.py due to import
      of application code to get the version number. The setup.py now
      tries to do the same thing but if it fails it uses a separate
      hardcoded version.
  - Fixed bug #317077: Ampoule didn't work on windows xp due to childFD
      customization, now on windows ampoule uses the standard 0,1,2 fds.
  - Added pyOpenSSL as an explicit dependency since Twisted doesn't
    require it but AMP does.
  - Greatly simplify setup.py and support plain distutils too.
  - Bootstrap code now supports context managers
  - Support for execution deadline on child calls
  - Parametrize the timeout signal to send to the child
  - Pass arguments directly from the ProcessPool object for the child
    process creation.

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
Now Running MacOSX 10.6

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