[Twisted-Python] Python 2.6 with twisted on OSX

Eric Dennison ericd at netdenizen.com
Thu Dec 23 06:53:46 MST 2010

I am planning to teach a Python/Pygame workshop in which students will be
(mostly) using Apple hardware and OSX in various flavors. The installation
of Python 2.6 and Pygame runs smoothly but I hit a wall when trying to
download/install Twisted because no dmg installers are being built now that
Twisted is pre-installed on the system Python. Since I don't wish to use the
(relatively old) system Python, I would like to figure out how to install
Twisted into my Python 2.6 installs.

I have had success with building and installing Twisted from sources, but
this is not a viable solution for installing to 20 different machines.

I have also had success with simply copying Twisted/Zope/SSL directories
from the system Python to Python2.6, but I can't help feeling like this is
going to come back to haunt me later :)

Does anyone have experience with this dilemma or any suggestions for me? I
am not experienced with OSX, so there may be some obvious things that I
simply don't know about.

TIA -Eric
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