[Twisted-Python] Job server

Umut Aydin devnetwork at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 04:40:39 MST 2010

Hello everybody

My job server is on progress and maybe you want to check it out.
Distribution part is ready but I still work on remote calls. As soon
as I get it done I ll write an article about building a job server
with twisted framework. (I wrote an article about Apache Mina
framework while designing jobbar
I m pretty busy these days it'll take almost a week more. Here is
website of the project


By the way, my goal with this project is building a distributed job
server and useful extensions for needs of any kind of projects. Some
extensions in my mind:
Memory Cache, Document Storage, Multiple Job Handler for parallel
processing, Log Manager, Data Traffic  Analyser

If you have any idea please share with me.


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