[Twisted-Python] easy_install and twisted problems?

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Dec 14 07:44:12 MST 2010

On 02:06 pm, drken567 at gmail.com wrote:
>I'm trying to use easy_install to load twisted, but I keep getting the
>following error about not being able to find "vcvarsall.bat". As you 
>see, I have the .bat and it's in the PATH. I have Visual Studio C++ 
>installed, and googled a bunch of references to similar easy_install
>problems; several suggested installing MingW32's compiler. I tried 
>which got rid of the vcvarsall message, but came up with a stack of 
>compile errors.
>Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong with the installation 
>Setting environment for using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 x86 tools.

As I understand it, Python 2.6 requires Visual Studio 2008.

However, I recommend using one of the installers available for download 
from the website:




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