[Twisted-Python] git clone with spawnProcess() can prevent socket data flow, any clue why?

Petr Mifek pm-twisted-python at anapol.cz
Sat Aug 28 12:54:12 EDT 2010

Yes, here when git does connect but receives nothing, it doesn't make 
the directory. So your the sample script hangs at you with only


in output? Does suppressing the git's output to stderr help? (a -q 
modifier to git clone)?


Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 08/28/2010 06:00 PM, Petr Mifek wrote:
>> Interesting. Also you can check this file (given you started the clone
>> on a directory with the sample script where no "gimp" subdir exists)
>> ls -l ./gimp/.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_*
>> There should be one such file and it should grow up to ~175MB during the
>> cloning.
>> BTW your git version? Here it is:
>> $ git --version
>> git version
> I never get any gimp dir created at all, presumably because it never 
> gets any data to put in the dir. I guess git doesn't create the dir 
> until it has things to put there.
> I have git version
>   / Martin
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