[Twisted-Python] Twisted ORM

bmuller at butterfat.net bmuller at butterfat.net
Fri Aug 6 15:09:34 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I've just finished creating a basic Object Relational Mapper (ORM) in 
Twisted (http://trac.butterfat.net/public/twistar) called Twistar.  The 
goal of the project is most certainly not to duplicate the full 
functionality of existing Python ORM's, but rather to provide a simple 
interface to databases that obviates the need for writing SQL.

With the deprecation of twisted.enterprise.row and 
twisted.enterprise.reflection, the only option right now in twisted for 
database interaction (that I know of) is either via straight SQL through 
adbapi|||| or via patches on existing Python ORM's.  The goal behind 
Twistar is to provide basic ORM functionality but completely within the 
Twisted paradigm.

The code is fully documented (via pydoctor) and the package contains 
unit tests (which can be run by trial).

Who should I talk to concerning possible inclusion in twisted.enterprise?

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