[Twisted-Python] xmlrpc protocoll instanze per connection?

Alan Franzoni mailing at franzoni.eu
Thu Aug 5 10:36:24 EDT 2010

On 8/5/10 4:21 PM, Pet wrote:
> what I've tried to do is to have objects, which were members of
> XMLRPC. And these objects would have some internal state which is
> isolated per request. But each new request has changed this objects,
> because xmlrpc is created once and not for each request or connection.
> I've solved this by modifying render_POST where I create those objects
> before calling requested function and so they lives only there without
> being overwritten by new request. Ugh... It's might be ugly, but works
> for me

I suppose you're creating such objects in your XMLRPC subclass
__init___(), that's your problem.


Alan Franzoni

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