[Twisted-Python] Cred question

Sury Soni ssoni at nextdigital.com
Tue Aug 3 22:20:55 EDT 2010


I am using Cred authentication system in my Nevow based web application.

Admin user can see list of all users from admin interface of the application.

Now, admin user wants to do following things:

1.       Automatically login as other user

2.       Induce logout to already logged in user.

Q1. Since, admin user itself used cred authentication to login in first place, how do we do automatic login as different user programmatically or logout already logged in other user?

I tried to redirect my application to /__login__/?username=otherusername&password=itspassword and it went through Cred system, but I believe, since previous session was active as well, it triggered logout.

Q2. Does cred allow multiple login sessions in same browser? So, that admin user can maintain its own session and login into other user as well.

Please advice.


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