[Twisted-Python] Detecting idle connection with perspective broker

Gabriel González gabriel at cttc.upc.edu
Fri Apr 30 06:07:35 EDT 2010

Hi there,
I wrote a small server application with PB but now I have some problem
with client disconnection. When I have a idle connection, the logout
method at server never is called (this method let me have a list of
current logged users) and then client appears always connected to

I can see the same issue with the chatserver example from perspective
broker doc with detached method. 

class ChatRealm:
     def requestAvatar(self, avatarID, mind, *interfaces):
         assert pb.IPerspective in interfaces
         avatar = User(avatarID)
         avatar.server = self.server
         return pb.IPerspective, avatar, lambda

How can I detect that idle connection clients to call detached method?


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