[Twisted-Python] I found an interisting comment about Twisted vs. Erlang

Michael Handverger mike at mv3d.com
Wed Sep 30 18:10:40 EDT 2009

> The biggest advantage of Twisted is a shorter development time, and the
> availability of Python libraries. But I wonder if running something of the
> scale of Facebook chat would be feasible at all, or if there are people on
> this list that have run many parallelized twisted servers that saturated
> many multi-core machines? In other words, are there practical examples of
> large-scale Twisted deployment? 

My previous employer isn't quite up to Facebook's size, but they do over 1/2 billion monthly pageviews using Twisted for the data access layer on around 80 cores. I have no doubt that a Twisted app could scale a site to Facebook's size. You certainly wouldn't be without tough scaling problems to solve, but you'll have those no matter what technology you use if you want to scale to that level.


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