[Twisted-Python] Twisted OpenSSL Server Debug Information

gary clark burslem2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 08:45:21 EDT 2009


I am a new guy looking into the twisted platform.

I am trying to track down why the twisted server using open-ssl is
failing to communicate to my VC++ open-ssl client:

error:0200274D:system library:connect:reason(1869)

I am seeing 0x274D which is a ECONNREFUSED 10061 not sure what the
exact reason is. However would like to debug it at the twisted server so I can get more information on what is going on. I now know that the packets are going back and forth to the machines.

Simply put what is the recommended way to debug the twisted server so I can discover why the connection failed to the server? 

Much appreciated,

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