[Twisted-Python] Boston Twisted Sprint

Jessica McKellar jessica.mckellar at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 22:09:05 EDT 2009

Let's try this again:

The proposal was for a sprint in Boston from September 28-October 2. That
starts a week from today.

At this point:
1. There will be no funding for transportation/lodging for out of town folks
2. The location would be classrooms at MIT unless someone has an alternative
3. There will be no funding for food or snacks or drinks or anything like

Facts about using MIT classrooms as a Sprint location:
1. Room reservations would be for after school hours, aka after 5pm, for
2. Guests register their MAC address and have 14 days of wireless. It's
plausible that some of you visit MIT and have used up your free wireless. I
don't have a solution for that besides "find a different computer to
register and use".
3. The doors on campus are mostly locked at night and I won't be there to
let you in all the time. Some special doors remain unlocked. Bottom line:
you can get it and get to the rooms but it may be quite circuitous.

I'm cool with that if you're cool with that. Are you cool with that? Please
send me an e-mail off-list with:
1. if you'd attend, and if so which days
2. regardless of 1, if you believe that the sprint should be delayed until
funding/better location/more notice/whatever has a chance to happen

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