[Twisted-Python] Seeking advice on use of Perspective Broker

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 14:31:40 EDT 2009

Good day,

I have scanned through the docs a few times, and I am in need of some
advice and explanation to determine if Twisted's Perspective Broker
meetings my perceived needs

What I am trying to do : create a client/server project where the
server is a a typical access multiple data sources, enforce business
logic, and pass data to client. I am looking to use RPC type
technology to facilitate transparent use of the network to communicate
between the client and server.

What I am looked at so far : CORBA implemenations OmniORB and Orbit,
Pyro and Twisted. So far from my scans of the docs of both Pyro and
Twisted, I am a lot clearer on how I could use Pyro to achieve my
goals. However, as part of my application I want to be able to do file
transfers between server and client -- Twisted provides tools for
that. Also, Pyro has this re alert with the use of pickled data being
sent over the network, and it's not clear if simply using SSL
mitigates that problem.

So I've joined this list in the hopes of find some more information,
 1) Is the Twisted Matrix book published by Orielly relevant ie. updated enough?
 2) How easy it to package Twisted for distribution on Windows system
(which would be inevitable)
 3) Are there any further documentation/tutorial resources online
giving close to real world use of Perspective Broker
 4) Is it safe to assume that Twisted provides quite a bit in the way
of securing communications between client and server

This is my first project of this scale, so I would appreciate any
advice that seems relevant. In case this matters, this project is thus
far just a hobby.

Thank you.
Fedora 10

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