[Twisted-Python] hi !!!

Freddy Martinez Garcia freddy at cbm.uo.edu.cu
Tue Sep 15 12:47:56 EDT 2009

I wrote my problem in the last message an I wasn't clear with that...

Ok... I'm going again... !!!

I have a web server... this server was implemented with twisted using 
XMLRPC... when the server start to run, in this moment I did 

well, my server is listening by 8080 port, and when one command had become, I 
catch the command, interpret it, and after I need to run another process tu 
execute the command. To execute another process I have to call 
"reactor.spawnProcess(...)" with its parameters, and after I have to say again 
"reactor.run()", but the reactor is running because the server isn't stop.

I need to run another process with twisted without reactor.... how can I do 
that ?? or, I can do the same thing with another variant ???

please.... help me !!!

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