[Twisted-Python] sftp with Twisted

gslindstrom at gmail.com gslindstrom at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 10:37:40 EDT 2009

I am new to Twisted but have read through the Twisted Book (O'Reilley) and  
worked many of the examples. I think I have deferreds down (though I'm not  
sure I understand the red/green diagram, yet :-). I'm running Python 2.4 on  
Gentoo Linux.

We would like to look into using Twisted for sftp. Looking through  
the "conch" routines I found the test_filetransfer.py. I see lots of  
classes, "Avitars" and tests but I can't figure out what everything is  
doing or how to connect to a box (using either a username/password of a  
key) and transfer files! Is there a "how-to" showing, well..., how to set  
up and use sftp with Twisted? If not, I'd be willing to write one up if  
someone would volunteer to mentor me through the process.

Thanks for your help,

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