[Twisted-Python] os x installer, multiple source locations

Matt Bennett matt at bennett.name
Sun Sep 6 16:14:46 EDT 2009

On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 3:08 AM, Phil Christensen<phil at bubblehouse.org> wrote:
> On Sep 4, 2009, at 7:50 PM, Matt Bennett wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I used the Twisted 8.2.0 for OS X 10.5 installer from [1] to install
>> twisted on my mac. I don't understand why, but I seem to have two
>> copies of the source on the disk
> This is a frustrating partial install of Twisted that ships with OS X
> (AFAIK just to support iCal Server). Interestingly enough, it's gone
> from Snow Leopard; the calendar server must use something else these
> days...

Very curious. I don't know anything about the design rationale but the
end result is pretty unintuitive. At the very least some documentation
about the situation would be useful.

> You have two options. One option is to create a .pth file that points
> to your twisted source dir (I used this method since I was running SVN
> head). My twisted.pth file in site-packages looks like this:
> import sys; sys.path = [s for s in sys.path if s != '/Library/Python/
> 2.5/site-packages']
> import sys; sys.path.insert(0, '/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages')
> import sys; sys.path.insert(0, '/Users/phil/Workspace/Twisted')
> But honestly, I think all you'd really need is the last line. I don't
> develop on my 10.5 machine anymore, so I don't exactly remember why I
> did some of this ;-)
> Another option I hadn't considered until now is to just remove that
> existing Twisted install. Unless you use iCal server it doesn't get
> used by anything else in the OS, so you should be fine. You could
> always zip it just to be safe.
> Hope my ramblings help in some way ;-)

Certainly did, thank you. I modified my path just as you suggested,
although I'm curious as to how this approach doesn't also break iCal


> -phil
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