[Twisted-Python] You guys are my heroes

Don Schoeman don at delphexonline.com
Tue Oct 27 06:14:52 EDT 2009

Just as the subject says... you guys (everyone involved with TM) are my

I needed to develop a TCP server that could serve multiple GPS tracking
devices over GPRS. These devices uses a multi-level (structures within
structures) style binary protocol. I looked at various possible
solutions which handled the complex asynchronous processing while I
could concentrate on implementing the protocol. Time was of the essence
(as it always is).

I finally ran into Twisted Matrix and it immediately looked very
promising. Only problem was that I didn't know Python at the time and
looking at it for the first time I couldn't make heads or tails out of
it. (I come from a Delphi background but knows a bit of C, PHP and Java
as well). Anyway, after about a week of straining the old brain I not
only managed to learn the basics of Python, but wrote my first concept
server in TM and through it all learned to come to love both of these
solutions very much!

Final Verdict:
About a month down the line my now completed server is running as smooth
as butter handling an ever growing number of unit's just lovely. The
data, once parsed is all pushed to a Apache/PHP based server via XML-RPC
which in turn performs all the database related stuff. Thanks for all
your hard work guys, it is noticed and deeply, deeply appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Don Schoeman

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