[Twisted-Python] PB vs JMS

Fabrizio Mancini mr.file at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 05:04:12 EDT 2009

> Thank you Drew.
> I should have sketched a bit more:  I have to compute many
> self-contained jobs and then elaborate their results.
> Jobs are  distributed to many machines and  results are sent back to
> the Master. The Master should not wait for all the results to be ready
> but should start processing as soon as the first one arrives.  After
> all the results have been collected and processed, everything starts
> over with newer data.
> I have implemented a mock example with PB but if I understand
> correctly a messaging system would put me to a higher level of
> abstraction taking care of many technicalities. I am now looking at
> rabbitmq and txamqp, it is a bit hard to find some documentations but
> slowly i am getting the full picture.
> Thanks Jacopo
> Hi Jacopo,
this article problably can give you a big picture
AMQP helps you distribute messages to clients that are network connected and
can do some jobs when receiving messages.
So you can distribute data to your clients using the json protocol to send
messages containing data to the clients. And from the computing client you
can send back the results always using the json protocol. This only if you
don't want to use a central database... but this depends on how you design
your app.
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