[Twisted-Python] PB vs JMS

Dariusz Suchojad dsuch at gefira.pl
Mon Oct 5 14:05:57 EDT 2009

Drew Smathers wrote:


> JMS is a messaging
> middleware defined at the Java language API level (hence the need to for
> STOMP protocol and similar adapting layers for use with Python or other
> non-Java languages). 

A bit off-topic, but note that it's sometimes possible to use JMS almost
as-is with Python too. Doing that is probably pointless if one's not
coming from Java world and expect to see a similar API in Python and it
probably doesn't make much sense for open source messaging middleware
but it makes sense if you have to use proprietary software such as
WebSphere MQ or webMethods that doesn't care much about open protocols,
especially when there's a need for seamless integration with Java JMS


Dariusz Suchojad

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