[Twisted-Python] Structural issues in Lore XHTML documents

Kevin Horn kevin.horn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 12:22:22 EDT 2009

I've been looking over the xhtml documents used to generate the twisted
documentation, and I've noticed a number of issues:

- some docs do not have a DOCTYPE declaration, I think they should all have
- of those documents that do have DOCTYPEs, some are using xhmtl-strict, and
some are using xhtml-transitional, which is preferred?  I think they should
all use the same one
- some of the docs are lacking an xml namespace attribute in their root
<html> element...I think they should either all have one, or none of them
- according to:
  all of the docs should have the same text in both their <title> element
and their <h1> element...this is not the case

I'm planning to correct some of these issues, but I wanted to get others'
opinions on exactly how to go about it.  For example, what DOCTYPE to use,
XMLNS to use, etc.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

I've opened a ticket (#4050) at http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/4050
Please comment.


Kevin Horn
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