[Twisted-Python] Way to fix memory leaks of external c module

Maris Ruskulis maris at chown.lv
Mon Nov 30 11:22:29 EST 2009

Itamar Turner-Trauring (aka Shtull-Trauring) wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-11-28 at 15:05 +0200, MārisR wrote:
>> I wondering if its possible to load utidylib in thread, do processing
>> and after this kill thread and release memory? Or maybe something like
>> deferToProcess?
> 1. You should report the bug to the utidylib authors, so they can fix it
> or pass it on to tidy authors.
> 2. A thread wouldn't help... but a process certainly would.
> https://launchpad.net/ampoule may be helpful if you don't want to
> implement your own process wrapper, or you could just run a sub-process
> that takes input and output filenames on the command-line and pass data
> around that way.
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Thanks for replay!
I tried pytidylib, and have same issue with memory leak, unfortunately I 
couldn't report bug to, because, tidylib is self patched by one c 
programmer, but problem, is that he have no more time for it.
After day on playing with ampoule, I got it working :) But I run into 
another problem, AMP value length is limited to 64kb. Seems its a struct 
pack limitation. Probably I could split message into chunks <64kb each 
and feed to amp something like: pp.doWork(Tidy, html={'chunk1':  data1, 
'chunk2':  data2...} )
or maybe there is more easy/clean way?
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