[Twisted-Python] ANN: StreamHarvester-0.1 Beta

Godson Gera godson.g at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 13:48:58 EST 2009

Twisted is used for writing StreamHarvester's network functionality.

StreamHarvester is a cross-platform internet radio and TV
recoder.StreamHarverster works with Shoutcast and Icecast streams. You can
record multiple streams simultaneously, also you can relay a stream locally
while recording it. So that you can listen to the stream in an external
media player like VLC , Windows media player.

   - Record multiple streams at a time.
   - Relay multiple streams on different ports.
   - Each job can be recorded and relayed at the same time.
   - Support for playlist formats pls and m3u.
   - Support various media formats mp3,ogg,nsv.
   - Automatic fallback to next URL in playlist.
   - Store stream in a single file or multiple files.
   - Works with shout cast and icecast streams.
   - Works on Windows and Linux. Should work on Mac (not tested).
   - Easy to use interface ;)

Please visit the project page to download and try it
Thanks & Regards,
Godson Gera
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