[Twisted-Python] Creating an HTTP Proxy.. 2 Problems: HTTPS & changing the outgoing contents

Kyle Hanson hanooter at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 00:42:40 EST 2009

Basically I want to create a personal HTTP proxy to add a javascript library
to every page I visit because the javascript contains several tools I wrote
and Chrome doesnt allow extensions.

So I have a basic proxy set up from here:
http://blog.somethingaboutcode.com/?p=155 and I expanded it to do some
logging and what not.

The first problem I have with this is that I cannot view Gmail due to HTTPS.
This is problematic since I would like to view my email and don't want to
turn off proxy settings everytime to do so. So is there a way to quitely
pass ALL HTTPS without doing anything to them so it doesnt just send blank

The second problem is that I have no idea how to modify the page contents.
Do I modify the buffer in my extended ProxyClient class? Because I tried
that and it only worked on very few websites. Perhaps could someone just
show me by doing a simple word swap (switching all mentions of Python to
some other word?)

I would greatly appreciate it.
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