[Twisted-Python] server push data to client

lasizoillo lasizoillo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 22:29:45 EST 2009

2009/11/17  <vitaly at synapticvision.com>:
> hi,
> what could be the way(Producer/Consumer?) and simple,basic example to
> push data(~10Kb) from Twisted based server(that listening for incoming
> requests) into  client side(for example FLEX) not as a response to the
> incoming request, but occasionally, triggered by server side???
> In traditional client/server arch, the server is listening, accepting
> and responding to the client's requests, but here I'm looking for
> something that initiated from server itself and pushing data to client.

In HTTP, the client can't open server sockets. The workaround is poll
to the server or open a persistent connection to the server. Some
clients can't open server sockets (they are behind a firewall) and you
need make the same tricks.

Orbited is a comet (server push) framework based on Twisted.

Cometd (the twisted version) can be another example:


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