[Twisted-Python] Gridspy - a new project using Twisted

Tom Leys leyssw at ihug.co.nz
Fri Nov 6 02:12:17 EST 2009

Just a quick update, since the last time I mentioned our system the 
dashboard was still rather rough. Since then I have added a better UI, 
exposed the live data more, added little JQuery graphs along with 
history and CSV export. All that in 1 week worth of evenings - isn't 
Python great?

Please check out the dashboard and drop me an email if your company 
wants to cut its power bill by 10 - 20% through monitoring its power usage:

Could someone add me to the projects page? You could use the above link 
and the following text
Gridspy - Live power monitoring and analysis

The Nexus costs $685 USD, monitors 3 different circuits and uplinks 
collected data to the site via ethernet. We also have a wireless device 
called the Gridspy that costs $495 USD, monitors 6 circuits (or a 
variety of other things) and talks to the Nexus wirelessly to upload data.

More info on the devices here:

Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.



> My previous email:
> Hi Everyone
> I would like to introduce my project for the 
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/ProjectsUsingTwisted page. We use 
> twisted as the central server that talks to many power measurement 
> sensors in the field.
> "
> Gridspy provides you with an interactive view of resource usage in 
> your building. It gives you hard data on your consumption patterns and 
> helps you to make informed decisions.
> ...
> The Gridspy allows you to access and monitor your consumption patterns 
> in real-time using a standard web browser on your PC, laptop or mobile 
> phone. The data is presented in high resolution and updated each 
> second as you watch. The moment a light is turned on in your house, 
> you can see the change on your Gridspy dashboard from across the room 
> or across the planet.
> "
> Our homepage is here http://www.gridspy.co.nz/
> a running demo is here http://your.gridspy.co.nz/powertech
> And you can read more about the role of our twisted backend here: 
> http://blog.gridspy.co.nz/2009/10/realtime-data-from-sensors-to-browsers.html
> "
> ... The nexus then collects those sensor samples from the nearby 
> Gridspies, bundles it up with its own data and uploads it to our 
> central servers. To collect the data we use a custom application 
> written using the excellent Twisted framework 
> <http://twistedmatrix.com/>. Every single reading gets instant 
> attention: it is evaluated for real-time events, queued to be stored 
> in the database and finally forwarded to watching dashboard users. 
> Processing the data stream live on the server opens up many exciting 
> possible features that I look forward to discussing in future blog 
> posts. By the time that the sample reaches the server, it is about 0.2 
> seconds old. ...
> "
> It has been a great framework to work with. My sincere thanks goes to 
> everyone who has ever contributed to this project. Job very well done!
> -Tom

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