[Twisted-Python] Trial: testing multiple test modules in one go?

Paul Goins general at vultaire.net
Thu Nov 5 00:17:30 EST 2009

Tim Allen wrote:
> Paul Goins <general at vultaire.net> wrote:
>>> Does "trial tests" not work? (you probably need a tests/__init__.py)
>> Nope:
>>   $ trial tests
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Nothing executes if I run it that way.  And I do have the
>> tests/__init__.py.  It's totally empty, in case it matters.
> Just to be sure, your test modules are named "tests/test_foo.py",
> "tests/test_bar.py" and so forth?

That appears to be it.  I thought it was just the function names that
needed to follow the test_<foo> pattern.

I don't seem to see this documented, either...  Guess I'll add a comment
to #2443.

Thanks for the help!

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