[Twisted-Python] Recompiling _epoll.pyx

Reza Lotun rlotun at gmail.com
Thu May 14 07:10:36 EDT 2009


I noticed in the documentation for _epoll.pyx that the corresponding
.c file was generated using pyrex On a whim I downloaded and regenerated the file and rebuilt python. I'm currently
testing my server but noticing nothing out of the ordinary.

Before I march on my merry way I was wondering if there could be any
potential pitfall of using the non-standard _epoll.c? I only though to
try it because
- I'm using Python 2.6 which I compiled from source
- I'm using Twisted trunk
- A quick glance between pyrex to showed a lot of
activity, some of which seemed marked with "bug fix" and "more
efficient code"
- I'm currently stress testing my server and wanted to see what sort
of changes could be induced by modifying different parts of the

Anyway, just wondering.


Reza Lotun
+44 (0)7521 310 763
rlotun at gmail.com

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