[Twisted-Python] XMPP/Jabber server example

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Mon May 11 22:07:11 EDT 2009

On 11 May, 04:16 pm, powdahound at gmail.com wrote:
>I'm trying to create an XMPP server using twisted.words and am having
>difficulty finding the correct way to make use of the classes provided. 
>was hoping someone might have an example or short explanation of which
>classes would be used to create a very basic server (using the latest

I'm not confident of my own knowledge of twisted.words.*xmpp* to provide 
you an accurate answer.  I assume you've looked at doc/words/examples/ 
and there's nothing up to date.  If so, this is a doc bug that needs to 
be reported - please file it on twistedmatrix.com.
>(snip some great questions)

Can you itemize these questions on the ticket so that we can make sure 
they're all answered for future comers?
>Is there still work being done on the goals listed at

Yes, but very slowly.  Please help out, submit patches and so on!  A 
useful bit of work would be to trawl around through the bugtracker and 
add links from that page to tickets describing individual bits of work 
and vice versa.  And perhaps to file tickets describing the bits of work 
which aren't described as tickets yet :).

A good example of what I mean is this page:

>Thanks! Really enjoying Twisted so far.

Thank you!

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