[Twisted-Python] problem accessing numeric datatype of postgresql in a twisted application

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Tue May 5 07:53:31 EDT 2009

Le mardi 05 mai 2009 à 17:05 +0530, Krishnakant a écrit :
> hello all,
> I am facing a strange problem with twisted which is probably a known bug
> and perhaps also solved.
> I use twisted with psycopg2 to connect with a postgresql 8.3 database.
> I have to use numeric datatype and get "can't serialise object " error
> when I try to access data from a field of type numeric.
> Is there some thing which I can do to solve this problem?
> Note that when I use just psycopg2, I don't get any error, so the
> problem is surely with the twisted app.  I believe I need to cast it to
> some thing?

We're missing some information to help you. What's doing your Twisted
application? By itself Twisted doesn't serialize anything, so you're
probably using pb or xmlrpc?


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