[Twisted-Python] New user - plugin question

tim wylie timwylie at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 30 18:27:36 EDT 2009

   I'm a long time linux/python user who's just now starting to use twisted.  I am looking for advice more than anything specific.  We're working on a small game/etc server that has several small games that can be played between users.  Maybe a card game, tic-tac-toe, etc.  There are a lot of different plugin subclasses to inherit from-how do you know which is best?  And with this kind of framework, is it better to have one interface class, say iGame, that all the games inherit from, or is it better to treat each game like a seperate plugin inheriting from different twisted plugin classes?

  There is a lot of good twisted documentation, but that is what also makes it difficult because each one does things differently depending on what they're implementing and it makes it difficult to decide which is the correct approach for what I want to do.  So, if there are any good documents related closer to what I'm doing I'd appreciate the heads up on that as well.  Well, thanks for your time.

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