[Twisted-Python] Re: So how does everyone use an ORM in twisted?

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Tue Mar 17 15:54:55 EDT 2009

David Bolen wrote:
> ... or that any interaction that might require going back to the
> database only be through wrapped methods and not direct attribute
> access.  This can turn out to be a bunch of extra work when you start
> talking about walking lists of related (one to many) records,
> traversing the links of foreign keys among records, etc.. much of
> which is the attractive part of ORMs for those who like them.

This is a good point -- although the attractive part of using an
ORM in the first place is somewhat OT here, the main attraction
for me is usually *DRY* rather than "automatic persistence", so for
my purposes such "magical" features as direct attribute access,
lazy loading, etc. can actually be undesirable, since they
can make application semantics tricky to implement in some cases.
(This is somewhat analogous to the original rationale for PB's
implementation of "translucently" distributed objects --
"transparently" [magically] distributed objects are not
always desirable, and the same goes for "transparently"
persistent objects.)


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