[Twisted-Python] Twisted.mail SMTP server question

Kalman KHIRALY khiraly123 at gmx.net
Thu Mar 12 08:23:50 EDT 2009


I would like to use twisted mail for the following purpose:
Redirect all incoming myname at mydomain.com mails to a specified gmail address:
myname at mydomain.com -> myname.mydomain at gmail.com

Is it possible to use Twisted.Mail for this? Any pointers would be
highly appreciated.
If not can somebody recommend me a nice python solution for this?

Best regards,

ps: 4 year ago I did the above feature using postfix and mysql. It took me
more the 2 months to correctly set up all this stuff (and having an
administrator web page
where I could change, add, remove the email address, and wrote into
the mysql database)

Unfortunetly, I do not have anymore my work, the server crashed, etc.
And in my view,
it was horribly overcomplicated.

So Im looking a simple and elegant solution (so this rules
out qmail and postfix). It is like setting up apache with
ssl+virtualhost for a simple index.html file;)

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