[Twisted-Python] sending large files from web2 http server

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Mon Mar 9 05:17:20 EDT 2009


Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> I haven't looked at how web2 handles IByteStream providers, but my first
> guess would be that this is an example of a somewhat common bug where
> Deferreds are chained to an arbitrary length based on application data
> and when there's too much application data, the chain gets too long (a
> limit imposed by how much recursion is possible when unwinding the chain),
> and you get this failure.

Okay, thanks for this hint, I'll investigate.

> The main focus of web development in Twisted now is Twisted Web, not
> Twisted Web2.

That surprises me, but it's certainly good to know.

I've mostly used web2 so far, because I thought it was meant to replace
twisted.web some day. The read-me-first page of twisted web2 [1] still
makes it sound like twisted.web is to be obsoleted, soon.

Shall I port my applications to twisted.web to be more future-proof?

> However, if you can supply a patch which fixes this
> (along with unit tests, please :), then we'd be happy to apply it.

I'll try... but I rather suspect the bug to be in my own code. ;-)


Markus Wanner

[1]: the "read this page first" of web2:

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