[Twisted-Python] How to disable XMLRPC logging

Dustin Land revenantstyle at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 17:53:58 EDT 2009


Currently I'm running two daemons that talk to each other over xmlrpc.
One runs an implementation of internet.TCPServer with an xmlrpc.XMLRPC
The other simply uses web.xmlrpc.Proxy.

In the logs for the first I get a flood of...
2009-06-24 15:31:35-0500 [-] - - [24/Jun/2009:20:31:34 +0000]
"POST / HTTP/1.0" 200 297 "-" "Twisted/XMLRPClib"
In the second...
2009-06-24 16:44:13-0500 [-] Starting factory
<twisted.web.xmlrpc._QueryFactory instance at 0x2d9afc8>
2009-06-24 16:44:13-0500 [QueryProtocol,client] Stopping factory
<twisted.web.xmlrpc._QueryFactory instance at 0x2d9afc8>

Is there a way to disable this?  I saw in the archives that
HTTPClientFactory.noisy can be set to False.  Is there something similar for
both of these instances?


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