[Twisted-Python] adbapi and multiple queries in single transaction.

Vishal Shetye vishal_shetye at persistent.co.in
Tue Jun 23 09:45:05 EDT 2009

I am working on an application that uses twisted and twisted.e.adbapi with sqlite in the backend.
All db queries are put in separate functions in class say tableGateway.py which uses runOperation, runQuery etc as appropriate.
A layer that uses it, lets say objectGateway.py, defines operations.
Thus, lets say an add operation may actually call 2-3 or more functions from tableGateway.py.

If my application quits or crashes in middle of an operation then it is likely that db will be inconsistent.
What I want is each objectGateway level operation should be done in a single transaction.

I initially thought of putting all the queries per operation in a runInteraction. However this results in code-duplication as many queries are shared between different operations.

What I could think of for preventing this is:
1. do a runInteraction at objectGateway and then txn that I get will be passed to appropriate functions of tableGateway.
2. An objectGateway level log based recovery.

Option 1 requires all the tableGateway functions to take txn as param. This can be avoided by instantiating tableGateway with a txn for each operation, however tableGateway instantiation is not that cheap.
Even so, if any objectGateway function calls other objectGateway function then the txn will have to be passed to that as well.

Any comments/suggestions?


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